Massage Therapy

I am a CERTIFIED, LICENSED massage therapist. I'm a graduate of the Massage School of Santa Monica and also studied at the IPSB (the Institute Of Psycho Structural Balancing). I am not only certified in the state of California, but have my National Certification as well. I am lucky to have learned from some of the best instructors in the country! I have completed over 900 hours of school (only 300 are required for licensing in Los Angeles) and have 9 years of experience and repeat clientele. I specialize in both deep tissue and Swedish massage. 


 Here are some more detailed descriptions of the work that I do:

Swedish massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which increases the flow of nutrients to the cells
and removes body wastes more efficiently. Swedish massage reduces stress and soreness. It is very relaxing.
A moderate amount of oil or lotion is used. Kneading and stroking are the movements most commonly used,
either lightly or with very deep pressure.

DT structural integration is very similar to Rolfing. It is effective for chronic tensions created by poor posture
and/or physical and emotional trauma. The focus is on breaking up adhesions (fascia, or connective tissue,
that is stuck together) which allows tension in the muscles to release. DT structural integration lengthens and
opens up posture. Very little lotion is used and the strokes are slow and deep. Fist strokes, elbow strokes
and acupressure are used in deep tissue treatments.

A trigger point is a small contraction knot in muscle tissue. It keeps a muscle tight and weak. The tension in the muscle pulls on the muscles' attachments, which is often felt in adjacent joints and sends pain to some other site ("referred pain"). The trigger point causing the pain may be some distance away from where the pain is felt. Trigger point therapy is massage, primarily acupressure points, that break up these trigger points and relieve pain.

By analyzing your posture and ROM I can identify areas of your body that need massage, stretching or strengthening to improve posture & ROM, help relieve and prevent pain, and prevent injuries.


Reflexology is a science based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, and face that directly correspond with glands, organs, and parts of the body.  Working on these reflexes stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and helps to reduce blockages in the flow of energy around the body.  Reflexology helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, alleviate pain, balance the nervous system, boost lymphatic function, stimulate a sluggish and congested system, improve sleeping patterns, increase energy, detoxify and cleanse, improve skin tone, and promote self-healing.

In addition to working on you on my massage table, I am available to do chair massage at locations such as offices, film industry sets, parties, etc.




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